Monday, 4 December 2017

Trademark Infringement: No More Stealing Of Trademarks

A trademark can be anything like a symbol, sign, logo, or a slogan. When someone uses the registered trademark of a company without any knowledge of that company, this is called as trademark infringement. When someone uses a similar logo with little modifications also undergoes trademark infringement but if someone uses identical similar symbol or mark but the product or services are different then this is not an infringement. A trademark is a symbol of your trusty brand; someone can use it to make fake products which will make your company’s image down, so it is very important to save your trademarks being stolen with trademark infringement.

To solve trademark infringement litigation in the court, you must hire an experienced lawyer who can solve your case as soon as possible as there are many trademark infringement cases pending in the courts. A quick resolution of a case provides you more time for your business and save your money. 

To solve trademark infringement cases court see these following factors:
           Similarity of the logo

·         Product relatedness

·         Likelihood

·         Preferable service and products.

There are many more factors which are required to solve a trademark infringement.

The trademark infringement notice is a notice which assures the company that their mark is protected under trademark infringement law. The trademark infringement notice contains the name of the company and owner, the date of trademarks, the date of expiration of the trademark. It will help you when you will face the court in any case related to trademark infringement.

A solution of a case related to trademark infringement is not easy, it takes you so much time and eats up your money. So it is necessary that you should hire a good skilled and experienced lawyers, we have the world’s best business and intellectual property lawyers. To hire an expert lawyer for your trademark infringement cases visits us at our site.

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